How do we operate?

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Preparing for therapy

What to do to start a therapy?


Analyze your symptoms, during your visit you will be asked to describe them.

Schedule a visit

Choose the right specialist and a date convenient for you, pay your appointment online.


The first visit is always a consultation to examine your problem and begin treatment.

How do schedule a consultation and an appointment?

Go to the schedule a visit tab, choose the specialist you want to have your first visit with, find a convenient, free date for you and pay your appointment online. On the day of your consultation, your doctor will interview you and prescribe the appropriate products to start your medical marijuana therapy.

How does the consultation look like?


approach to the patient

We collect all medical records related to therapy and useful informational and educational materials on cannabis treatment. As a result, all the information you need is available from our Carenabis specialists in one place online, possible to check anytime and from anywhere – ask us to access the materials for you and your treatment history.