Direct yourself to the schedule a visit or contact page and fill out the contact form. You will be promptly contacted to schedule a visit online.

The prescription visit is for patients who have been diagnosed by our doctor and such a recommendation was made during the teleportation.

Driving any motor vehicle during medical marijuana therapy is absolutely prohibited.

Consuming alcohol before taking marijuana, can lead to stronger THC effects, dizziness, nausea or vomiting.

Yes, we offer tele-consulting where it is possible to get a prescription for medical marijuana, after qualification by our doctor.

Yes, our specialists have the necessary knowledge to provide medical marijuana therapy.

Any doctor at Carenabis can issue a prescription for medical marijuana, regardless of specialty.

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Is marijuana legal in Poland?

The best method of using medical marijuana is vaporization.
A vaporizer provides the optimal temperature and helps protect the dryness from the toxins that are emitted during combustion.

Medical marijuana can be purchased from pharmacies that have the appropriate permits to sell it. There are many websites where you can check where the dose you are interested in is currently available.

The cost of 1 gram of medical marijuana is 50-70 zloty. One package of medical cannabis is 5 or 10 grams in size.

When using cannabis, it is important to watch out for symptoms that worry you and consult with your health care provider immediately.

Yes, the main reason for the problem of reddened eyeballs is THC, which lowers blood pressure, thus causing blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow in the body, which also affects the pupils. Vaporization helps negate this problem.

Yes, this is an indication for therapy, while the diagnosis can be made by the doctor at the consultation, after a thorough review of the medical history.

As Carenabis, we are a medical center specializing in medical marijuana therapies.

Side effects from medical marijuana therapy are usually minor and mild in severity.

There is no need to continue therapy with the same doctor as the first visit. You are free to book appointments based on available dates.