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“Psychedelic Science” Conference

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We are very pleased to announce that a conference entitled ‘Psychedelic Science’ was held at the University of Warsaw on 17-18 September 2022. The Carenabis Clinic was pleased to be its sponsor. During the event, a number of prominent experts from various fields spoke on the effects of psychedelic drugs on consciousness and the human body. Their therapeutic effect (including, of course, cannabis treatment) was presented, as well as the current legal status of a number of the drugs in question. The programme included a panel discussion on the use of psychedelic substances for medical purposes, and information was given on how this process might look in light of current legal regulations. This was the first conference in Poland to address the topic of substances that are very controversial, but also of interest worldwide. We know that they offer new solutions for treating health problems, which is why our doctors are constantly training in medical marijuana therapy. During the conference, you could visit the Carenabis stand. We told those interested about medical marijuana therapy, explained how the whole treatment process works and were able to outline the positive effects of the therapy on the treatment of their conditions based on our patients’ cases. We were honoured to be able to take an active part in this important event for our industry. We hope to meet people interested in Carenabis therapy at many more conferences or events!

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