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How is medical marijuana different from CBD, commonly available on the Internet?

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We can easily purchase CBD dry from websites and auctions of companies that sell this product. It does not exhibit psychoactive effects and we do not need a prescription to purchase it. In the case of medical marijuana, the product is subjected to much stricter testing, making it available only with a prescription. Both products are not classified as a drug.

What does medical marijuana have in it?

Medical marijuana has two active substances in it that are responsible for its psychoactive and relieving effects. They affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the brain. The CB1 receptor is responsible for pain sensation, while the CB2 receptor stimulates the immune system while fighting inflammation.

The first is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol – it is responsible for the psychoactive effects.

Vaporization of this substance works:

  • Pain-relieving
  • Antiemetic
  • Stimulant
  • Relaxing
  • Euphoric
  • Additionally enhances appetite

The second substance, on the other hand, is actually CBD, or cannabidiol.

His role includes:

  • Elimination of feelings of anxiety
  • Prevention of convulsions
  • Combating and inhibiting inflammation
  • As with THC, relieving and alleviating pain
  • Anticancer effects – inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells

Appropriate amounts and quality of cannabinoids in medical marijuana

In order to achieve the right medical marijuana therapy, the right varieties are selected and cannabis crosses are created to determine the right proportion of THC and CBD. Controlled conditions and the process of obtaining the raw material ensures that we know the percentage. For one disease, tetrahydrocannabinol will play a greater role, but for other ailments, cannabidiol may already be more important. Our doctors of various specialties, who have detailed knowledge and experience in medical marijuana therapy, determine precisely what ratio of the two compounds will be most beneficial for treatment and meeting the patient’s needs, from the first visit to the continuation of treatment at Carenabis. When we decide to treat ourselves with medical marijuana, we know the specific amounts of cannabinoids we are taking in. The raw material that is used in medical marijuana is of the best quality and does not have any contaminants or admixtures of side ingredients, as may be the case with the dried stuff we can buy online. Here we have one hundred percent certainty that the product is of the highest quality and this is beyond any doubt.

The effect of both chemical compounds

Dried CBD is not classified as a drug, unlike medical marijuana, which is a medicine. Scientific reports from around the world make it clear that the effect from the whole plant works much more effectively than the use of individual cannabinoids. To sum up, the commonly available dried CBD is not able to guarantee us such health effects as in the case of medical marijuana, which is produced with a high content of active both substances.

Therapy with medical marijuana is supervised by a doctor, and its effectiveness can be evaluated after a period of three months at the earliest.

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