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How to use medical marijuana?

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There are many ways to use medical marijuana, but doctors recommend vaporization as the best method of consuming cannabis. It is the best choice because it is smokeless inhalation.

What is vaporization?

Vaporization involves vaporizing cannabinoids, or THC and CBD, among others, from the dried herb. All this is done with the help of a vaporizer, which is a device used to heat herbs to extract vapor. Thanks to the vaporizer, our body avoids absorbing the harmful tar and toxins that occur when smoking. The patient inhales only pure vapor, while avoiding the inhalation of harmful smoke. In addition, vaporization is much more pleasant. Using this method, we can avoid unpleasant scratching in the throat, as well as coughing and the feeling of heavy lungs. It is important to remember that proper temperatures are important during vaporization. Cannabinoids volatilize between 160°C and 220°C. When the temperature is lower, nothing will escape from the cannabis, while when it is higher, inflammation and loss of a significant part of the bioactive compounds can occur. By inhaling the vapor from the vaporizer, we can take care of the condensation of our lungs and respiratory tract. It is a healthy alternative to smoking.


  • Economy – Economical consumption
  • No tar – Vapor intake
  • True taste of marijuana – No burning sensation
  • Quick effect – Great for pain relief
  • Easy to use – Uncomplicated process

What is the process of medical marijuana vaporization?

  1. Grinding – Grind the cannabis dried with a grinder, which will increase the vapor release area and increase the efficiency of vaporization.
  2. Filling – Place the dry in the heating chamber and close the device.
  3. Firing – Turn on the vaporizer and set the appropriate temperature.
  4. Heating up – The vaporizer must heat up to the selected temperature.
  5. Inhalation – Apply your mouth to the mouthpiece of the device and inhale the vapor.

Stationary or portable vaporizer?

We need to specify whether we will use our vaporizer at home or outside the home. If we decide to use it at home, a desktop vaporizer is the ideal choice; they are much larger than portable ones, but also much more powerful. They are great for long inhalation sessions and retain their medicinal values for a long, long time. For economic reasons, they are more commonly used for medical marijuana treatment. It has a convection heating system, which means that the dry in the chamber is heated by a stream of hot air.

A desktop vaporizer, on the other hand, is a great alternative for anyone who appreciates convenience wherever they are. This small device gives an incredibly huge freedom of use. Thanks to its modest size, we can take it literally anywhere. The use of the equipment is possible on a walk, at work, at a party and any possible place. The stationary vaporizer uses a conduction heating system, which means that the surface that is in direct contact with the dry is heated and transfers heat to them.

In conclusion, vaporization is the safest, healthiest and best way to use medical marijuana.

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